English and Scandinavian design crafted vintage furniture and goods

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Ercol Original Love Seat
Ercol Jubilee armchair
Ercol Elm & Beech Coffee Table
Ercol console table
Ercol Jubilee two-seater sofa
Ercol Jubilee three-seater sofa
Ercol plank table

Gone to a new home

Here is a gallery of previously reworked and sold furniture. If you would like to enquire about purchasing something similar, please get in touch.

J104 Chair
Ercol Windsor cabinet
Ercol Windsor cabinet
G-Plan Fresco coffee table


Why DesignRoom and why we are selling vintage furniture and goods

Running a design company called IdeaHouse has naturally led us to look and study all forms of design, style, content, materials and how people use spaces. So to complement IdeaHouse we have introduced DesignRoom, a new concept store that delivers vintage furniture and goods, sourced from the U.K. and Northern Europe.

Every vintage design item is a classic or has the style that makes it stand out. Respecting the original craftsmanship certain items are reworked and updated, removing ‘dark stain’, allowing the furniture to come ‘back to life’. The reworking process takes a natural route, involving many hours and a lot of hand work. No chemicals are used in the cleaning or removal of stains and coloured paint layers, and at the end of the process only a natural wax is used to ‘feed the wood’ and  give the item true colour.

From the U.K., we have selected the following furniture makers: Ercol, G plan and Parker Knoll. This stable of design labels will grow as we discover more unique names who have produced special craftsman items.

Alongside this range will be furniture and goods sourced from Scandinavia, from the same era. We specialise in selecting and sourcing items that are current today and will be in the coming years, having been produced up to fifty years ago.

Take a look at the collection which is changing and being updated on a regular basis, as newly sourced ‘vintage’ stock is introduced.

Every piece of furniture or goods have a story to tell, whether it is where it has come from, how it was used or the amount of skill, craftsmanship or natural materials involved in producing each unique piece.